PT. Sumi Win Mukti

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PT. Sumi Win Mukti (Jawa Barat, Indonesia)

Sumi Win Mukti estabilished In mid 2016 it is engaged in aluminium smelting. Before estabilishing Sumi Win Mukti, the founders already have many years of experience in the aluminium smelting industry.

Our company is already have an advance order for 300 tons monthly, we recycle / remelting chip or dross AC2B, A356, ADC12 & ALSi11 aluminium alloy ingot.

This recycled product will meet two critical needs.

Now our capacity 700 Tons and will be increased to 1000 Tons

1. It will give alternative effective cost to production raw material and domestic waste by product, and also.
2. It will help meet the growing demand from manufacture that need local raw material aluminium ingot alloy for avoiding manufacturer buying import raw material.


Creating Infinite Values Through Metals & Alloy


Reduce Emission Pollutans
Reuse Wate of Metal & Alloy
Recover Non Valuables into Valuables


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